Diligent Robotics grabs $10M to build more Moxi’s

Diligent Robotics grabs $10M to build more Moxi’s
The Siliconreview
23 March, 2020

Diligent Robotics has successfully fetched a $10 million Series A funding to scale up to deliver more robots to more hospitals. Moxi, the startup’s bot could help the world in such a critical stage where it faces a shortage of medical care professionals.

A significant part of a nurse’s time is wasted on low-skilled such as fetching medical tools and this is where Moxi comes to the rescue as it can easily run errands for them around the hospital. Moxi can search for lightweight medical resources, navigate the clinic’s hallways and bring them to the nurse, thanks to the gripper hand, a flexible arm, and full mobility. Another benefit of Moxi is that it can’t be infected by COVID-19, and hence they’re one less potential carrier interacting with vulnerable people. The company has focused on making the robot something that the frontline staff is happy to work with and becomes a part of the team. With two robots already deployed in Texas, the company had started working with two of the three top hospital networks in the U.S.

After her Ph.D. in social robotics at the MIT Media lab, CEO, Andrea Thomaz had come up with the hospital droid idea. A win at the National Science Foundation grant of $750,000, was enough for Thomaz to begin her six-month sprint to build a prototype of Moxi.