Microsoft is warning users about a new ransomware threat

Microsoft is warning users about a new ransomware threat
The Siliconreview
07 March, 2020

The threat protection intelligence team of Microsoft recently made an announcement in regards to a growing and significant cybersecurity threat that has the potential to deliver a devastating payload. Warning from FBI shows the level and impact of the threats from ransomware, and Microsoft is now an addition to the voices of vigilance. There are lots of ransomware threats and the latest one is NetWalker. This malicious code can be directly injected into the Windows 10 explorer executable process. Microsoft has revealed how these ransomware attacks pose a significantly growing threat and in regards to the business users, these threats are one the most impactful trend. Despite the payload being referred to as devastating, Microsoft assures that the fallout and attacks can be prevented. Ransomware differs from one another but the way they affect the systems is damaging enough.

 The threat that is being warned by Microsoft is human-operated, highly targeted, and a hands-on threat that is more focused on stealing credentials and data extraction. Some of the attacks have evolved enough to encrypt data. In human-operated ransomware, the attackers will look for vulnerability in the network configuration. But before that, if the attackers find an easier method to drop the payload, they will get the data exfiltrated and credentials stolen.