DHL to partner with Blue Yonderon warehouse robotics platform

DHL to partner with Blue Yonderon warehouse robotics platform
The Siliconreview
26 June, 2020

DHL is now aiming to increase its speed deployment on robotics platform by partnering with Blue Yonder which is a fulfillment solutions provider especially in artificial intelligent technology. Both the firms are planning to build a highly integrated warehouse robotics management system with high-speed, which will run on Microsoft Azure cloud services.

This partnership will allow the users and customers to standardize all the operations including the onboard data for vivid warehouse robotics to multiple vendors at the same time allowing the companies to customize and design their fleet of robots according to their needs. As this new product rolls out, the cloud and integration time could be reduced by as much as 90 percent.

DHL is setting new trends in the warehouse technologies by exploring different wearable to robots across its global sites. The company has provided its employees with Google smart glasses that allow them to find as well as scan the barcodes without the need for any paper forms or a scanner. This will help the customers to take off the flexibility; this new product offers significant downtime without any hardware upgrades. This has increased the efficiency of the firm with reduced mistakes. Bringing a robotic upgrade will augment the resource capacity with high-speed and will also support its workforce.