JetBrains unveiled the full public access preview of Big Data Tools

JetBrains unveiled the full public access preview of Big Data Tools
The Siliconreview
02 June, 2020

The famous Czech software development company and the creator of the Java dev fav IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains, recently  unveiled the full public access preview of Big Data Tools, a new plugin is designed to allow developers to work with Zeppelin notebooks, Spark applications, and S3 files from within that popular IDE. It was previously available as a preview in an early access program for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate users, the plugin is now also available to users of the company's DataGrip database IDE and PyCharm Python IDE.

The plugin offers smart navigation, code completion, inspections and quick-fixes, and refactoring inside the notebooks  for Zeppelin notebooks written in Scala and Spark SQL. It is possible to browse, create, and run Zeppelin notebooks without leaving the IDE. The plugin also allows users to track Spark jobs, see cluster environment and storage information from the IDE, and browse and manage files in HDFS, S3, and other supported storage solutions. The company says, the tool also supports columnar storage solutions, which was not available until now.

The company is billing Big Data Tools as the first product to provide synergy among all the tools built on top of the IntelliJ Platform. It's a kind of acknowledgement of the impact of Big Data on developers -- including some significantly changing roles -- and the need for "the best possible tools for developers, data scientists, and engineers."

"The adoption of Big Data across industries continues to accelerate alongside demand for the right tooling from the enterprise," said Vitaly Khudobakhshov, JetBrains' Big Data Tools project lead, in a statement. "We believe JetBrains can leverage the developer platform we have already to build this tooling, empowering people all over the world to build Big Data solutions faster and enjoy the process."