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Ocean Blue World Takes Home 50...


Ocean Blue World Takes Home 50 Leading Companies of The Year 2020 Award

Ocean Blue World Takes Home 50 Leading Companies of The Year 2020 Award
The Silicon Review
25 June, 2020

Ocean Blue World, the leading luxury brand renowned for offering its signature services including Ocean Blue Magazine, events and experiences, sponsorship, productions, and more, has now marked the next footprint of accomplishments further shaping their global drive for the lifestyle market.

Named by The Silicon Review as one of the “50 Leading Companies of The Year 2020,” Ocean Blue World has been recognized as a top organization from a line-up of noteworthy and high-level business leaders, decision makers, and professionals. The Silicon Review´s global online and print community raises the spotlight on leading executives and their companies and is a powerful reflection on the expansion and rise of Ocean Blue World. A mark of excellence for a brand that was born to be a global leader, this award now further acknowledges Ocean Blue World as, in fact, exactly that. “We are honored to have been awarded the title of 50 Leading Companies of The Year 2020. The recognition of our unique luxury services and experiences is beyond exciting and we look forward to sharing this success with our clients and readers around the world,” states Vanessa Fukunaga, Owner, Publisher | CEO of Ocean Blue World.

As innovators in the field of luxury, Ocean Blue World is the brand you want to know about and be a part of. Their story of delivering premium lifestyle opportunities for their growing list of discerning clients all the while inspiring readers through their far-reaching sphere of influence continues to expand.

At the heart of the platform is the magazine itself – Ocean Blue Magazine; each visually striking quarterly edition is a collection of must-read stories of fashion, art, entertainment, travel, health, dining, real estate, and more. Readers are taken around the globe on a journey to discover modern-day luxuries and the inspirational moments and people of the time. Furthermore, Ocean Blue World´s team of experts strive to create high-profile #OceanBlueEvents and #OceanBlueExperiences with clients across the board sprinkling their staple brand into an experience of stylish pursuit. Through a range of their elite social and digital strategies, trendsetting messages are designed to build impact and social influence in the world´s premium niche markets. Stepping out in style, Ocean Blue Productions offers loyal clientele all aspects of video and photo services. With exclusive access to the most sought-after A-lister events, the in-house production crew go #BehindTheScenes to capture the highest level of quality production and #MustHave moments. Offering so much more, The Options Are Endless.

A celebration of Ocean Blue World´s achievement as a global leader, this recognition of “50 Leading Companies of The Year 2020” is a true indication of the company´s overall success, strong visual identity, and forward-looking vision. For the global, luxury networking platform, this is just the beginning.

To read The Silicon Review´s full report on Ocean Blue World click here.


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