Citrix to partner with Microsoft to adopt flexible operating approach

Citrix to partner with Microsoft to adopt flexible operating approach
The Siliconreview
17 July, 2020

The global pandemic has increased the need for companies to become more flexible and adopt a flexible working approach that allows them to manage the available resources better, from talent to technology dynamically and robustly. This will help the firm to scale to adapt to the changing market conditions quickly. Aiming in the future, to drive the business continuity and growth of the Organizations Citrix Systems and Microsoft are joining hands to bring about a new flexible workplace.

To address employees' challenges and access seamless applications, the technology sector leaders have announced that they will partner to help organizations accelerate the future of work and move the cloud and speed adoption sectors more efficiently. The firms will also digitalize workspaces and virtual desktops.

The Multi-year agreement will help to build and expand the industry's strategic partnerships. Based on the deal Microsoft will select Citrix Workspace as a preferable digital solution, and Citrix will select Microsoft Azure as a preferred and virtual cloud platform, to move the on-premises Citrix customers to the Microsoft Azure platform, which will enable both the company's employees to work anywhere across the devices in either of the firms.