Google to launch its all-new website that showcases local sports news

Google to launch its all-new website that showcases local sports news
The Siliconreview
30 July, 2020

Google is all set to launch its new local news website primarily for local sports news. It is a matchup project which mainly showcases the best-ever sports content from local media outlets all over the US; it also covers the professional and college sports with depth and even the hometown sight. 'The Matchup' will be a part of existing sports pages on member sites, and the new page will be launched soon in 2021.

Google has reported that the Local Media Consortium (LMC) will be running the project, with the help of the Google News Initiative (GNI). LMC already has a humungous 78 million sports reading audience, third only to Yahoo. "Now, with a single subscription to a hometown news site, subscribers can access sports coverage from local beat writers who know the team's best. And we hope that other avid sports fans will join us by subscribing locally," stated Google.

Google has also said that it will soon be launching a specified destination for The Matchup, which will telecast all the local sports news and columns covering the entire major pro and college team matches in both the USA and Canada. The site will be available for free for all the users; people will also be able to follow specific teams, leagues, and players with a modified and customized dashboard.