Globally IBM labs are working closely to improve Watson’s capabilities

Globally IBM labs are working closely to improve Watson’s capabilities
The Siliconreview
14 July, 2020

Tech giant IBM is now working closely with three prominent areas of technology that are well poised to alter the world's dynamics in the next two decades. Due to the current global scenario, the efforts of corporations have been dramatically accelerated. The three techs that are going to change the world are AI computing, quantum computing, and robotics. IBM is now focusing on its AI, Watson, and other quantum computing efforts. With their AI offering, IBM has continued to dominate the enterprise-class AI segment. When it was introduced, Watson focused only on healthcare to make diagnosis easier.

IBM addressed an age-old problem that the doctors were up against. IBM could've partnered with Apple, serving as a backend for Siri. Due to unforeseen reasons, it did not become a reality. Globally, five labs are working closely to improve Watson, and the researchers are using a unique memory system and processors to increase intelligence and speed. Developmental efforts on the IBM algorithm are an impressive effort, according to which the algorithms can significantly contribute to the accuracy of results. The performance increase is massive, and the growth of Watson has reached exponential level. Better decisions will bring out outcomes that will affect important areas like law, healthcare, defense, finance, and marketing.