NorthScope’s ERP solution gets two new features to help the food manufacturers

NorthScope’s ERP solution gets two new features to help the food manufacturers
The Siliconreview
01 July, 2020

NorthScope is a popular ERP provider for the food manufacturing segment. Recently the company added transaction feature to its offering as a part of new improvements. The new feature is expected to assist the manufacturers in making sales and planning the production of food. Sales quotes and production are included in the new transactions. NorthScope was created by Northlake Partners to promote the production of food in Alaska. Their mission is to support aquaculture, fruit and vegetables, seafood, and other primary food processing industries in Alaska. From the time of its inception, NLP has focused on delivering step-by-step guidance and ERP solutions for the food manufacturers. This also includes providing them with the necessary tools to build the business.

With the new production order feature in the ERP, manufacturers can keep track of their inventory that will be produced in the future. The production orders will now be able to track certain things like output, yield, and input. All the tracking activities will be done without affecting the inventory. The Sales Quotes feature in the ERP will allow the manufacturers to create a quotation for the sales that can be later converted into sales order when approved. Jacob Swanson, Development Manager of NorthScope, stated that the new forecasting and planning feature was anticipated, and it will definitely contribute to the success of food businesses.