5 Features of the Perfect Online Gaming Payment Gateway

5 Features of the Perfect Online Gaming Payment Gateway
The Siliconreview
23 October, 2020

Your online casino relies heavily on its payment gateway. Without the perfect link between you and the players’ funds, your online casino would fail. The majority of online casino patrons rely on credit cards, e-wallets and other electronic funds to play at your casino. It is your duty to ensure that their experience with sending money your way is effortless. With that in mind, picking an online payment processor that will ensure this happens is of utmost importance.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you should keep an eye open for when searching for the perfect merchant account provider.

Currency acceptance: The payment processors you use should be able to process all currencies. Online casinos need to be accessible to players in as many countries as possible without currency issues. Accepting payments for your online casino in any currency from customers in any part of the world is hugely important to the future of your business.

Security: Your merchant account provider should provide several layers of security to protect the payment details and the identification of users. The global online gambling market is anticipated to be valued at more than 92.9 billion US dollars in 2023. This volume of money attracts fraudsters from all corners of the world, and being prepared has never been more important.

Legality: Try not to be roped in by merchant account providers offering the moon and the stars. Many fly-by-night companies are hoping to get in on the action and are not aware of all the legal implications payment processing gateways need to adhere to. Your payment gateway needs to be reputable, especially seeing as online casinos walk the legal line, so to speak. Your payment processor has to be totally up to date on the bylaws and various regulations of the industry. Seeking a high-risk merchant account provider skilled specifically in online gaming such as Octapay is a good way to ensure this.

Customer care services: You might think that this is not important, but customer service is probably at the top of the list as far as merchant account provider necessities are concerned. You need to feel that your processor is your partner, and all communication should be easy, quick, and around-the-clock. You should never have problems that can’t be solved, and you should never feel like you are second best. Good customer relations will ensure this. Look for a service provider that gives you a dedicated account manager.

Ease of use:  Remembering that the players are the ones that use the payment gateway to put payments forth is important. Being able to navigate the payment gateway smoothly and easily is central to ensuring players don’t get frustrated and take their money elsewhere.

Educating yourself on the importance of the right high-risk merchant account processor is the first step to becoming a profitable industry. Octapay are the experts in online casino merchant accounts and they can help you open an account today. You could be accepting payments from players within as little as 24 hours. Call them today to find out more about your options. They are also quite happy to have a chat to discuss your company’s specific options going forward whether it be with them, or not. Highly recommended.