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6 European EdTech Startups...


6 European EdTech Startups

6 European EdTech Startups
The Silicon Review
23 October, 2020

Gone were the days when coding used to be for smart and talented IT professionals; nowadays, the enrollment numbers into coding academies keep skyrocketing, especially among kids. With the technology that allows classes to be taken online and virtually against the old classroom tradition, education has now been decentralized. In every sense, the following startups are a testament to the fact that education is not restricted to the four walls f the classroom anymore.

1. CoachHub

CoachHub is a digital training platform for employees to help people become the best they can be at their jobs. Launched in 2018, CoachHub currently has a coaching pool of more than 30 coaches who speak about 30 different languages. Training courses spread across business, time management, stress management, leadership skills, to mention a few. In 2019, they received $18.9 million in funding and are currently being used by employees at DANONE, Flixbus, Soundcloud, and many more.

2. Drops

Drops is a Tallinn-based startup which came unto the scene by introducing new ways to learn languages. It was launched in 2015 and rose to become the fastest growing learning app on Android and iOS the same year. With the help of its aesthetically pleasing pictographic word games, users get to immerse themselves in learning a new language. There are currently 36 languages available of Drops, and it’s the best app if you want to make learning a new language a part of your daily routine. Drops were named the best app by Google in 2018, and in 2020, the developer launched Droplets, the version for kids between 8-17 years.

3. Skriware

Skriware is a Polish startup founded as assignment help for children that are learning to design, build, and program, all in 3D. Even though startup began as a kick-starter project, it has now evolved into a fully integrated educational ecosystem. Skriware has been named as one of Kairos K50’s most innovative startups globally and has raised $3.9 million in funding so far.

4. Stemi

This is a Croatian startup, was founded in 2016 and has introduced creative solutions for robot-assisted learning. The startup offers a step-by-step visual guide on creating your own model, unleash your creativity with some 3D modelling, and learning to code. STEMI also offers an educational platform that allows teachers to create a personalized learning process for their students. Following the success of Stemi so far, they are now preparing for an international launch.

5. Tutorful

This is a UK-based startup that operates predominantly as a market where parents find the best books and local tutors (either for one-on-one teaching or via virtual classroom). Tutorful thrives on reviews and recommendations with over 10,000 vetted tutors currently on the platform, spread across 300 subjects from the primary level up to the Ph.D. level. In 2019, Tutorful received a €3.7 million investment from NVM Private Equity to help fund children’s educational pursuit.

6. World Mastery

This is a Barcelona based startup, established in 2015 to provide and offer highly-curated specialist courses, taught by renowned experts. Some of these courses range from dance, yoga, sports, fitness, and cooking. World Mastery serves the function of a content-as-a-service platform where users are allowed access to 1 new video every week in exchange for a monthly subscription. At the moment, the platform has more than 10,000 subscribers in not less than 105 countries. With a recent Series A funding of $3million, an increase is far off.