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Cisco is well poised to clock ...


Cisco is well poised to clock 600 million users by the end of October

Cisco is well poised to clock 600 million users by the end of October
The Silicon Review
23 October, 2020

Recently, Cisco made an announcement that the company's popular video conferencing app Webex has 590 million users globally for the month of September. For October, the app is all set to breach the 600mn mark, which is double the number of users recorded in the pre-COVID period. This sudden surge was due to the worldwide lockdown, and in its recent reports, IDC has named Cisco as the leader in enterprise VC solutions. Rich Costello, an analyst at IDC, stated that the company's one-stop approach had helped it greatly in achieving this milestone and also due credits must be equally given to the broad portfolio of Cisco's collaboration with other providers. All the acquired resources were effectively used by Cisco to deliver one of the best enterprise video conferencing solutions for customers.

 Irrespective of the size of the company, Cisco's solution can cater to everyone's needs. Cisco's new growth is beneficial for the investors because the infrastructures are being updated regularly. When the offices started to shut down due to COVID, people started to make a transition to VC platforms to work from home. This, in turn, led to unprecedented growth in VC platforms like Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.