Vituity and Decoded Health launch all new virtual front door for hospitals

Vituity and Decoded Health launch all new virtual front door for hospitals
The Siliconreview
14 October, 2020

Vituity, a nationwide, physician-owned-and-led multispecialty partnership, and Decoded Health, a startup, is all set to build the world's first clinical hyper-automation platform. It will be the world's first-ever clinically trained, artificially intelligent virtual front door solution for hospitals and clinics. Vituity's Intelligent Virtual Front Door Solution will utilize Decoded Health's Hyper automation Platform to scale the entire clinical workflow, from inferring patients' needs to rationalizing a plan of care.

"We recognized that Decoded Health has the deep technical expertise and is laser-focused on creating the best solution for patients and clinicians. They have leveraged our four decades of industry-leading insights, our experience of providing care to millions of patients each year across the country. We are excited to launch this latest care innovation to hospitals and health systems nationwide," says Rick Newell, MD, Chief Transformation Officer at Vituity.

The platform provides providers with the ability to multiply their capacity and focus on what matters most through a deep learning network. The platform goes beyond traditional telehealth platforms and uses a conversational AI to interview the patient, recommend a care plan to the physician, gain physician approval, and provide the patient with the necessary treatment while integrating simultaneously with common electronic health records.