READY Robotics launches the new educational platform READY Academy

READY Robotics launches the new educational platform READY Academy
The Siliconreview
21 October, 2020

READY Robotics has launched its all new online education platform the READY Academy, which allows any manufacturing professional to rapidly learn how to design, deploy, manage, and scale automation. It is the first-ever platform which has enabled anyone to program and deploy automation. READY Academy helps to solve both the skilled labor shortage and the knowledge gap that have prevented broader adoption of robotic automation.

Building on over four years of READY’s experience enabling manufacturers to deploy automation on their own, READY Academy curriculum covers the full spectrum of automation, including: project assessment, end-of-arm tooling, parts presentation, robot safety, no code robot programming, building machine tending tasks, and more. By enabling anyone to learn the skills needed to design and deploy automation, READY Academy directly addresses the skilled labor shortage affecting manufacturing.

With READY Academy and Forge/OS, they can now upskill their existing workforce to program robots and deploy automation. In the same time it typically takes to learn how to program simple movements in a robot’s native programming language, READY Academy and Forge/OS enable students to achieve lights-out automation. This new platform will help many students and app developers to learn more about robotic automation.