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EquipmentShare Recognized as Fleet Management Technology Company of the Year with 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough Award

EquipmentShare Recognized as Fleet Management Technology Company of the Year with 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough Award
The Silicon Review
18 November, 2020

Inaugural award honors companies displaying excellence and innovation in today’s most competitive technology sectors. 

EquipmentShare , a construction technology company, today announces that it has been selected as the winner of the Tech Breakthrough organization’s

“Fleet Management Technology Company of the Year” award in the 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards program. Through market research and programs honoring excellence, the Tech Breakthrough organization recognizes global leaders and innovative technology services and solutions in the automotive and transportation industry today.

“ EquipmentShare is implementing breakthrough cloud technology to help the construction industry improve efficiency and productivity for the built environment ,” said Bryan Vaughn, managing director of the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. “We congratulate the EquipmentShare team for their Fleet Management Technology Company of the Year honors at this year’s AutoTech Breakthrough Awards, and we look forward to continued innovation from the company in 2021 and beyond.”

“My team and I have been passionate about the work that went into this product because we know how it can truly evoke change in behavior, which translates into significant cost and time savings for our customers,” said Angela Page, team lead for EquipmentShare’s fleet product. “We are honored to receive this award and for another party to validate our work. EquipmentShare’s fleet tool provides our customers with a never-before-seen view of what’s going on across their fleet, whether it’s on the road, at a jobsite or across multiple states. This is a game-changer for the industry.”

Tech Breakthrough has bestowed similar awards in the past to other industry-leading companies that include Cisco, Dell, Philips, Sprint, HP, Comcast, Philips, Intel, Shell and Quicken Loans, among others. This year’s inaugural AutoTech program attracted more than 1,250 nominations from over 12 different countries throughout the world.

“The construction industry has not experienced meaningful productivity gains over the past 80 years, and traditional telematics platforms simply don’t provide fleet managers and contractors easy access to the data they need to make essential business decisions,” EquipmentShare President and Co-founder Willy Schlacks said. “We address this issue head-on. Our platform of solutions gives dispersed teams access to essential fleet data from any device to support project bidding, budgeting and improved communication across departments.”

EquipmentShare’s cloud technology platform helps construction fleet managers and fleet transportation professionals change how they do business and get work done. The platform allows fleet managers to monitor their vehicles and equipment, drivers and utilization to make business decisions, analyze project and job expenses, comply with driving regulations and enhance safety on the road or at facilities. EquipmentShare’s fleet management hardware and software suite is OEM-agnostic and can track any piece of equipment, vehicle or machine, regardless of brand, make or model to monitor key performance indicators, GPS location, fuel levels, utilization and more.

“We are restoring visibility and productivity to fleet management,” Schlacks said. “This software was purpose-built to improve efficiency for fleet managers, giving them total visibility over the major functions of their daily business operations—including their vehicle assets, personnel, consumables and materials, safety and compliance. That visibility is extremely impactful to a business’s bottom line.”

EquipmentShare’s suite of solutions includes robust capabilities that allow fleet managers to run reports and gain insight over total fleet activity. The platform includes a fleet management dashboard in which customers can track utilization hours and see how far an asset has traveled, in addition to viewing how many assets are in a particular jobsite area or geofenced location.

All assets rented through EquipmentShare are connected to the company’s fleet management platform. Customers can also outfit their own pieces of equipment with the award-winning hardware and software.

“With this tool, fleet managers have the ability to see holistic data across both owned and rented assets,” said Maroua Jawadi, team lead for the fleet management dashboard product at EquipmentShare. “They can also view information on a micro level and filter data to see exactly what matters to them: asset group, asset category, company branch or location. ”


Headquartered in Columbia, Mo., EquipmentShare is a nationwide construction solutions ecosystem provider that solves industry pain points through smart jobsite technology and equipment rental, retail and service distribution. More than a rental company , EquipmentShare’s cloud platform enables construction and industrial companies to gain a real-time view into the connected jobsite. EquipmentShare’s enterprise suite is OEM-agnostic and can track any piece of equipment, regardless of brand, to help fleet managers monitor assets, prevent theft and machine misuse, track employee hours and shifts, increase machine utilization, streamline maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime.

Founded in 2015, EquipmentShare employs nearly 2,000 team members of diverse perspectives that push the boundaries of possibilities to create unparalleled customer value, support their communities and empower construction professionals to work more efficiently. EquipmentShare’s growing presence of more than 70 locations, which includes equipment and service yards, research and development sites, administrative offices and specialty solutions, serve the rapid demand for the company’s equipment and digital solutions. To learn more about the company, visit equipmentshare.com

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