Gmail to introduce new Privacy Checkup feature to review latest data

Gmail to introduce new Privacy Checkup feature to review latest data
The Siliconreview
17 November, 2020

Over the years, Google has introduced many new features on Gmail. These smart features, while offering ease of work, need a lot of personalization data in order to make them effective. Gmail has allowed users to review what data has been collected in order to activate smart features such as assistive writing capabilities, high priority notifications, blocking spam, phishing, and malware from reaching the user’s inbox.

Now Google has introduced a new Privacy Checkup feature that will allow users to easily review key settings and see (and delete) the data that Google collects to provide with smart features. The company, in a statement, also announced that they have introduced auto-delete as the default this year to make control over data even more automatic.

The new setting has been developed by Google’s engineers at the Google Safety Engineering Center in Europe. The statement claims that in the coming weeks this new feature will be rolled out to users. The new privacy feature that allows or stops data collection in Gmail, Meet and Chat can be toggled on or off, in accordance with the user’s preference.Through the statement, the company also clarified that Google ads are not based on user’s personal data in Gmail.