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Many European countries are us...


Many European countries are using the pandemic to promote the green investments

Many European countries are using the pandemic to promote the green investments
The Silicon Review
09 December, 2020

Businesses and people in recent times are already experiencing the impacts created by climate change. Even if all the involved parties managed to meet the goals set by the Paris agreement, the earth will, however, still continue to face significant changes from rising sea levels, extreme weather, and biodiversity loss. This will force all living beings to adjust to the physical effects of climate change and find new methods to reverse the effects. Consumers are often thinking and believing that only the private sector is responsible for acting. Data from Forrester has revealed that the position of climate change and environmental protection has received high priority in the CSR efforts of Italian, UK, and French consumers in 2019.

Even the Americans who were severely affected by the hurricane season and wildfires are now thinking heavily about climate change more. In many countries, governments are trying their best to use the pandemic to drive the growth of the green investment. Globally, governments are incorporating green incentives to provide relief to the citizen during the pandemic. In Europe, countries like France, UK, and Germany have committed billions to improve green recovery and build green resiliency. In September, it was announced that China is also expected to become carbon neutral by 2060.