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Verano365 launches new adjuvan...


Verano365 launches new adjuvant Evofactor to Improve Fertilizer efficiency

Verano365 launches new adjuvant Evofactor to Improve Fertilizer efficiency
The Silicon Review
28 January, 2021

Verano365 has launched a new adjuvant that improves the fertilizer efficacy, benefiting greenhouse growers’ return on investments in applied nutrient inputs. Evofactor uses the company’s proprietary technology, OpusMAX, to promote nutrient availability to plants when it is used with water-soluble fertilizers as part of a regular fertigation schedule. Evofactor is the third product released from the Texas-based start-up to increase the efficacy of horticultural inputs.

According to the company, Evofactor allows growers to choose the outcome that’s most valuable to their operation, either a reduction in the amount of applied fertilizer to yield plants of equitable size and health to what they’re producing today; or, increased biomass in crops that receive the same fertilizer rate they’re using currently. Both outcomes result from Evofactor’s ability to make plant nutrition solutions more readily available through localization.

Test trials have demonstrated that Evofactor results in increased nutrient assimilation in plants. Uptake rates of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium have been observed to be significantly increased; it can meet a grower where they are with increased nutrient assimilation. With more nutrients available to the plant, a grower can expect to see increased biomass with their current fertilization program when Evofactor is introduced.