Citrix and Microsoft Partnership | Designed to Enable Superior Employee Experience and Empower CIOs Worldwide

Citrix and Microsoft Partnership | Designed to Enable Superior Employee Experience and Empower CIOs Worldwide
The Siliconreview
25 Febuary, 2021

As more organizations make remote work and hybrid work a permanent part of their plans, they need to embrace infrastructure and solutions that can offer great agility, productivity, and security. With Microsoft Azure and Citrix, you can ensure your employees can access all of the applications, content, and business services they need wherever and whenever work needs to get done.

“Citrix and Microsoft have responded to these evolving needs by expanding our strategic partnership. Through our combined efforts, we help customers accelerate their journeys into the cloud, modernize their applications and deliver a consistent and secure work experience for employees, regardless of their locations,” The Citrix website reads.

The Citrix and Microsoft partnership revolves around the combinations of Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), and of Citrix and Microsoft Azure. Both Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix Workspace improve the WVD + Citrix experience in the cloud.

With Citrix and WVD running in the Azure cloud, companies can take advantage of:

Multi-session capabilities of Windows 10: Integrate Windows Virtual Desktop with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for improved scalability, application compatibility, and networking across concurrent interactive sessions.

Hybrid cloud support: Citrix Workspace can manage WVD workloads in Azure alongside existing VDI. Preserve on-premises VDI investments while charting a path into Azure with optimized performance, image management, and Citrix visibility.

Enhanced productivity: WVD on Citrix lets you deliver the Citrix HDX experience for Office 365 ProPlus virtualization apps when running multi-session Windows 10. Real-time applications such as Teams become more reliable even across multiple locations.

Windows 7 legacy application management: Combine Citrix and WVD to virtualize key Windows 7 apps and access Extended Security Updates for free until 2023 for maximum flexibility when transitioning to Windows 10.

Overall, employees will be positioned to perform at their very best wherever and whenever they are working, thanks to the Citrix and Microsoft commitment to a seamless integration between Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.

To get a clear picture of how this partnership helps employees and CIOs worldwide, The Silicon Review consulted the Citrix website for more information.