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‘Let’s Rid the World of Bad Software’: Eggplant on Automating QA

‘Let’s Rid the World of Bad Software’: Eggplant on Automating QA
The Silicon Review
22 Febuary, 2021

 “It’s hard to scale up manual exploratory testing.”

After putting in grueling hours (for the development of a long-term tech project), it’s required for a team to ensure the new tech project is ready for the final users. Considering the ultimate success of a new tech project can be intensely dependent on users’ experiences, it’s a prerequisite to keep up your Quality Assurance (QA) practices. Put, automating QA will give you a competitive edge in the market.

“It’s hard to scale up manual exploratory testing,” said Antony Edwards, COO of Eggplant, which provides automated testing tools. “It’s hard to find good testers, and they can’t keep up with DevOps. We need to find a way to combine the strength of exploratory testing with automation—a way to combine manual testing, which is smart but slow and expensive, and automated, which is fast but stupid.” Mr. Edwards was quoted as saying by Forbes.

“The goal is a great user experience at speed,” he added.

With AI, automated software testing, and real user intelligence, Eggplant lets you test any platform, any application, anywhere, the company’s LinkedIn page states.

“We create software to help those who share our vision, the page further states.

Eggplant can help you with: AI-assisted testing to ensure the rapid release of your applications, business continuity through testing and monitoring, testing your business applications as you modernize and move to the cloud for remote work, and scalability of your online presence through effective load testing, the company’s website reads.