Cisco collaborates with Apple to boost their WiFi service Fastlane

Cisco collaborates with Apple to boost their WiFi service Fastlane
The Siliconreview
23 March, 2021

Cisco and Apple have decided to update their Fastlane integrated offering. Now, both the firm include support for the WiFi 6 standard to manage and offer better user experience for businesses and enterprises that rely on Apple iOS-based products such as iPhone and iPad. The newly introduced Fastlane+ platform adds more advanced scheduling intelligence services to interpret application requirements in a better way.

It helps address application requirement challenges like video call needing more bandwidth and dynamically scheduling network resources for a better user experience. This allows the devices to send an advanced scheduling request that triggers in more congested environments near the Cisco Catalyst Access Points. This can be used by users who use Webex, FaceTime, or other mission-critical latency-sensitive applications.

The Fastlane+ can be turned on automatically using an enterprise device management platform to deliver a unique end-user platform so that they don't have to deal with provisioning or system errors. This platform is currently available on the Cisco Catalyst 9130 AP and Apple's IOS XE 17.4.1 iteration. Cisco first merged onto the Fastlane in the year 2015. Now its collaboration with Apple will focus on optimizing the iOS ecosystem.