Cisco to add new Real-time tra...


Cisco to add new Real-time translation feature to its Webex video meetings

Cisco to add new Real-time translation feature to its Webex video meetings
The Silicon Review
12 March, 2021

Cisco Systems, Inc., an American multinational technology conglomerate, in a recent announcement, has stated that it will make video conferencing easier. Video conferencing has become a crucial way of doing business during the pandemic. Keeping this in mind, Cisco is improving and making changes to its video conferencing chat app. The firm has rolled out a new preview feature for Webex Meetings to allow the users for real-time translation of speech into text.

This feature, as mentioned above, will help someone who doesn't understand what is being said by the speaker, which will have access to subtitles that are presented in real-time in their language of choice. Cisco has implemented 108 languages to date, so it is highly unlikely their language won't be available. This new feature will help Cisco create a new playing field in the video conferencing sector regardless of factors like geography and language.

The real-time translation is another step towards powering an inclusive future, which drives better communication and collaboration across teams. Cisco will use the latest AI technologies to deliver seamless collaboration and provide smart hybrid work and intelligent customer experiences. The company will also point out the real-time text-to-speech system that will benefit hearing-impaired participants.