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Martech Company Dataweavers launches World-first SaaS experience for Sitecore

Martech Company Dataweavers launches World-first SaaS experience for Sitecore
The Silicon Review
24 March, 2021

Dataweavers, Australia's most renowned; next-generation MarTech Hosting company, in a recent press meet, has stated that it will accelerate the global business by launching a world-first SaaS experience for Sitecore and other major clients in the US. Dataweavers primarily focus on CX and DevOps platform. The firm has now decided to offer the ultimate SaaS experience to various organizations and enterprises globally.This will enterprises to configure its DevOps quickly and securely.

The product delivers performance, security, innovation, and price-guaranteed performance on the Microsoft Azure Platform. This new product will simplify technical problems and accelerate business outcomes using complex enterprise digital experience platforms. The DXP complexities can now be easily resolved using this product. It is ready to be deployed and optimized for all clients, regardless of requirements.

Dataweavers Managed Sitecore, the world-first SaaS solution, will offer proven and streamlined standardized, operationalized, repeatable, and scalable products. The users will get the best of both worlds, which will enable organizations to use the DXP platform flexibly. The product is configured, tested, and battle-proven by various technical experts, and it is matched to work on Azure infrastructure patterns.