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Emerson partners with Carrier ...


Emerson partners with Carrier Alliance to improve quality assurance services

Emerson partners with Carrier Alliance to improve quality assurance services
The Silicon Review
16 March, 2021

Carrier Global Corporation, a worldwide provider of health and sustainable cold chain solutions, has announced that it has joined Emerson, a software and engineering provider of innovative and quality assurance solutions for customers in residential, commercial, and industrial markets. As a part of this program, Emerson will continue to provide Carrier Alliance cutting-edge technologies for its air conditioning and cold chain businesses.

Emerson and Carrier will continue to collaborate to develop technologies and solutions throughout Carrier's HVAC segments. Both the firms have stated that it will continue to offer Copeland compressors, White-Rodgers valves, controls and thermostats, and Therm-O-Disc sensors as its products. It will be a critical component in Carrier's offering. It will also improve the quality assurance services offered by both firms.

This agreement will enhance Carrier's longstanding relationship with Emerson, ultimately benefiting the industries and customers they serve. Both companies share an unwavering focus on technology and innovation. By welcoming Emerson to its alliance program, Carrier will expand its organic growth and collaborative designs. The firm will be better positioned to offer customers a cutting-edge solution with a firm emphasis on its quality assurance, data analytics, and system logistics.