InvoCare's advanced and robust...


InvoCare's advanced and robust Oracle ERP project nears completion

InvoCare's advanced and robust Oracle ERP project nears completion
The Silicon Review
08 March, 2021

InvoCare, a funeral home and crematoria operator, has stated in a recent press conference that it is now in the final stages of its Oracle Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software rollout. The company further added that Oracle ERP, which is codenamed as 'Compass,' is now available in countries like Australia and New Zealand funerals businesses. But this service yet to be rolled out to the memorial park side of InvoCare's business.

InvoCare has stated that its focus is to optimize the ERP platform and its digital customer capabilities. Either way, digital solutions will continue to be needed for the future, or InvoCare has ensured that its services will be available in all its countries that cater for funeral gatherings or the service with the most advanced and appropriate technology.

The Oracle ERP project's main aim is to replace an assortment of systems that include Salesforce and Epicor, and it has been nearing finalization since 2019. The company's financial report also stated that it had spent over $6.2 million on IT development and infrastructure management. The money was also used to resolve implementation issues across the Oracle ERP rollout.