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We’re Moving To An Open Cloud Platform With Amadeus: LeylaAkgez-Laakso, CIO Finavia

We’re Moving To An Open Cloud Platform With Amadeus: LeylaAkgez-Laakso, CIO Finavia
The Silicon Review
23 March, 2021

Finavia, the public limited company responsible for maintaining and developing Finland's airport network, has chosen Amadeus as its partner to modernize the company's technology infrastructure.

Finavia is currently in the final stages of the large development program at Helsinki Airport. For this, the company has been on the lookout for a technology partner who would help it modernize tech infrastructure, including check-in and boarding systems.

Amadeus Flow, an integrated cloud solution by Amadeus, is now all set to modernize all aspects of passenger handling, including software, hardware, and services. The cloud solution will help Finavia connect all the company-owned airports through a single link. In this partnership, Amadeus' Airport Pay solution will also be deployed from the cloud.

"We're moving to an open cloud platform with Amadeus and that means we can roll out new innovations far more easily, without lengthy certification cycles or onsite IT projects," says LeylaAkgez-Laakso, CIO Finavia. "We're now well placed to add innovations like contactless payments quickly and easily without the need for Finavia to become a systems integrator. Airports are digitally transforming and I believe COVID-19 marks a tipping point where our industry goes cloud."

The newly available cloud infrastructure will mean that Finavia, airlines and ground handling companies will be able to easily open, close or move check-in desks, boarding gates or services with agility in response to fluctuating passenger demand caused by COVID-19.

YannickBeunardeau, Vice President Airport IT, EMEA, Amadeus, said: "Airports need to be able to roll out new capabilities quickly and they need to be able to adapt services to changing requirements of passengers. By choosing to run its infrastructure from the cloud with Amadeus, Finavia is ready to innovate for many years to come."