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Aruba Launches New Data Manage...


Aruba Launches New Data Management Solutions for Managing IT-related Services

Aruba Launches New Data Management Solutions for Managing IT-related Services
The Silicon Review
19 April, 2021

Aruba, an Italian-based Database Management Company that provides data center, web hosting, email, and domain registration services, has stated that it has launched a brand new Database-as-a-Service solution for managing data in the cloud. The company is also expanding its cloud services as part of its Platform as a Service solution to offer various IT sectors and its Managers a service for creating their applications focusing on testing and development.

The company further added that it provides environments with guaranteed computational resources and easy-to-manage setup and configuration systems. As a Service solution, Aruba Cloud Database offers scalability by improving the computational resources available. It is configured as a managed service with the automatic configuration of updates and backups. Aruba's database management services offer increased scalability and a robust platform to integrate data.

Besides, Aruba offers its customers new cloud-based databases that are highly scalable, secure, and affordable, designed to support any business application. It includes shared computational resources, one database with up to 30 temporary connections, and one default user with "lite-admin" permissions. It will also have guaranteed computational resources, this can have unlimited databases within the instance and the ability to manage users and permissions.