Juniper Networks Announced the...


Juniper Networks Announced the Findings of Global AI Research Report

Juniper Networks Announced the Findings of Global AI Research Report
The Silicon Review
28 April, 2021

Juniper Networks, which is a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, has announced the findings of a global research report that shows both consumers and users who want to use artificial intelligence (AI) to a greater extent, besides several executives also have put it as a top strategic priority for the year 2021. Juniper surveyed 700 IT decision-makers with direct involvement in their organization's AI and machine learning plans, perceptions, and technology concerns.

According to the data published by Juniper's research, 95 percent of all respondents believe that their organization would benefit from integrating and implementing AI into their daily operations, products, and services. However, only 6 percent of C-suite leaders (163 totals surveyed in the study) reported adopting AI-powered solutions across their organization today. The survey also revealed that IT and Operations are the most common business areas currently utilizing AI.

The research stated that the organizations that primarily scale their AI capabilities and integrate their employees into their solutions gradually increase user satisfaction. It also enables employees to focus on value-add tasks they could not previously accomplish. With this outcome, Juniper is on a mission to leverage AI to simplify operations and deliver superior experiences for enterprises, service providers, and cloud providers.