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Red Hat unleashes the new RHEL...


Red Hat unleashes the new RHEL Stream to compete with CentOS Stream

Red Hat unleashes the new RHEL Stream to compete with CentOS Stream
The Silicon Review
05 April, 2021

Red Hat, Inc., an American multinational software company that provides open-source software products to enterprises, has launched an RHEL stream to compete with the stable CentOS, which will create a sort of revolt. Red Hat has started offering free RHEL licenses to small and medium-scale CentOS users to provide a stable software network. The CentOS Strean has grown so fast in popularity that many big-scale CentOS users are purchasing the licenses.

CentOS Stream tracks ahead of RHEL. Red Hat aims to stay ahead of the competition. Thereby, they are releasing the most advanced CentOS Stream. Along with this, the RHEL Stream will also boost the company's revenue and help in its enterprise software's worldwide growth. RHEL Stream tracks ahead of CentOS Stream and will help in further development of much such software.

Instead of moving to RHEL or other CentOS alternatives like AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux, the users have opted to shift their CentOS 8 servers to CentOS Stream. This rise in CentOS has given birth to the idea of RHEL Stream. This platform will provide an innovative and robust software platform that will improve the user experience and enable users to benefit from their most trusted CentOS Stream.