Capgemini to acquire Multibook’s renowned SAP global services line

Capgemini to acquire Multibook’s renowned SAP global services line
The Siliconreview
11 May, 2021

Capgemini announced that it has signed an agreement for the acquisition of Multibook’s SAP global services line. Based in Tokyo, Multibook has developed over 80 people strong business delivering global SAP rollouts for its clients. Its SAP business operates in Japan and across Asia-Pacific and a subsidiary in the USA. This acquisition will enable Capgemini to further build its SAP capabilities and improve its client portfolio of business services around the globe.

This acquisition will reinforce Capgemini’s partnership with SAP and will deliver its new SAP model; it will also allow Capgemini to onboard SAP professionals to further serve clients across South East Asia and US. The company has stated that it will be able to work with clients on rolling out locally their global transformation programs. This will help both the firms to serve their clients with appropriate scale to transform globally, as well as new growth and career opportunities.

This acquisition will further deepen networks and capabilities to meet the anticipated growth in demand for SAP and cloud services in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand. This acquisition will strengthen our ability to help clients accelerate their transformation to run their entire business in the cloud with the next generation Intelligent SAP Solutions.