Biden and Putin to Discuss about Thorny Issues in Geneva

Biden and Putin to Discuss about Thorny Issues in Geneva
The Siliconreview
16 June, 2021

Fresh from days of meetings with the USA's closest allies, President Biden is now geared up to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin during their summit. It is reported that Biden is set to raise a number of issues with the Russian President, from Moscow's aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks against the US.

Both the countries have played down the prospects of a thaw in relations, and the US officials have suggested some headway could be made on sticking points, which primarily focuses on issues such as nuclear arms control and other arms-based topics at the meeting which is taking place at an 18th-century villa in a park overlooking Lake Geneva.

Throughout his first visit overseas as President, Biden has met European leaders and the USA's partners at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Besides, he has signaled that he wants to show that the US and its allies will not tolerate what it regards as provocative actions and will counter the growing influence of autocratic powers. Mr. Putin has also highlighted his interest in pursuing a dialogue with Mr. Biden, describing the American President as a more foreseeable leader.