Ezbob launches all-new modular...


Ezbob launches all-new modular and robust SaaS platform

Ezbob launches all-new modular and robust SaaS platform
The Silicon Review
23 June, 2021

Ezbob, in a recent press meet, has announced that it has launched a new modular SaaS platform Ezbob Express. This new platform primarily focuses on three important needs -  offering financial service providers the flexibility that fills the gap in their digital transformation strategies, allowing them to make more precise complex credit and risk decisions in real-time that facilitate the growth of embedded finance.

Ezbob has stated that the new Express customer acquisition platform will have a modular approach that enables financial institutions with gaps in their digital channel to add the functionality needed to achieve a customized digital experience. The new modules will include UX & Process Design, Compliance & Authentication, Credit & Risk Decisioning, and Product Recommender.

Organizations that use Ezbob Express's robust API strategy can now embed a financial service into their purchase process, like customer accounts opening, credit card applications, consumer and business loans, overdraft facilities, asset finance, and invoice financing. It allows financial service providers to transform their customer onboarding into a highlighted, streamlined, automated digital journey by reducing customer input by 75 percent and increasing completed applications by 400 percent, which is a quick and seamless process.