First-ever Green Bitcoin Launched on Celo Blockchain

First-ever Green Bitcoin Launched on Celo Blockchain
The Siliconreview
01 June, 2021

It was an important day in the crypto world for eco-conscious investors as Wrapped launched the first-ever carbon-neutral, or "green", Bitcoin, eBTC (Eco BTC). Now, investors concerned about the effect of crypto on the environment can get easy exposure to Bitcoin while not compromising their beliefs. It is reported that investors can transact using an asset-backed 1:1 with eBTC.

Additional advantages of eBTC are that environmentalists looking to invest can easily track data necessary for sustainability programs and use BTC in trading and decentralized finance (DeFi) apps. It will be available on the Celo blockchain via Ubeswap software. For years, experts have raised a few eyebrows at the truly massive amount of energy required to mine new coins into circulation; with the launch of eBTC there will be a reduction in the enormous amount of energy needed to mine new coins into circulation.

The Eco BTC combines Bitcoin with MOSS Earth Carbon Credits (MCO2). MOSS Earth is one of the industry's most influential environmental platforms helping blockchains combat climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of digital currencies. MOSS carbon credits are fully tokenized. In turn, it helps to grow global environmental conservation efforts.