Google to work with UK regulat...


Google to work with UK regulator to remove browser cookies

Google to work with UK regulator to remove browser cookies
The Silicon Review
14 June, 2021

Tech and software giant Google has recently announced that it will be working with the UK regulators to remove browser cookies using its innovative tracking technology, which is important to advertisers who predominantly use Chrome browser without sign-off from Britain's competition regulator. The company said it is an excellent opportunity to work with the regulator on its initiative to resolve privacy and competition concerns.

The Competition and Markets Authority have started to review Google's plan to cut support for some cookies in Chrome as early as next year. In recent times, many companies in the $250 billion global online display advertising industry expressed concern that the loss of cookies in the world's most popular browser would harm their ability to collect information to personalize ads on user databases.

Google has said that its users are expecting the web to be more private. But certain advertising cookies have allowed consumers' web browsing to be tracked, which has created a concern for some of them. Therefore, to overcome this and rectify the issue, Google will include the regulator closely in its project which is known as Privacy Sandbox to develop alternative tracking technologies.