Hiber unveils new satellite-based IoT asset tracking for organizations

Hiber unveils new satellite-based IoT asset tracking for organizations
The Siliconreview
30 June, 2021

Hiber, a Dutch-based IoT startup company, has announced that it has launched a satellite-based asset tracking system—HiberEasypulse, will be affordable enough for a broader variety of businesses and enterprises to track and monitor remote mobile and fixed assets. The company has introduced a "nano-satellite" network in 2019 and has launched several other IoT-related services.

The Hiber Easypulse runs on a proprietary satellite network; the company said that it is the first satellite-based asset tracking service, although other GPS-based tracking services are available. As a result, Hiber Easypulse can be used in various mobile tracking applications that include driver monitoring, predictive maintenance, and in sectors like oil and gas, forestry, mining, and the military.

The company further added no upfront device costs, no data subscription fees, and no additional data charges. It is an economic model, and it can make asset tracking more affordable for companies with smaller fleet sizes and tracking needs, not just those with massive national and international distribution of assets. The service is available for an introductory monthly fee of $12.50 per month or $0.40 per day, as per the Hiber press release.