IBM broadens its 5G deals with Verizon and Telefonica

IBM broadens its 5G deals with Verizon and Telefonica
The Siliconreview
29 June, 2021

IBM, in a recent press meet, has stated that it will offer telecom operators Verizon and Telefonica new services ranging from running 5G over a cloud platform to using artificial intelligence. IBM will offer the telecom operators robust cloud services to run their networks, and the company will also assist them in selling their products tailored to customers. No financial terms were disclosed about the tie-ups.

IBM has stated that a cloud platform will be used instead of physical equipment to perform network functions. This will help the telecom operators build 5G networks faster, reduce costs, and sell customized services. On the AI front, IBM and Spain's Telefonica have developed a virtual assistant, which will remove friction points by automating the handling of frequently asked questions and tasks.

IBM sees this as an existential moment for telco operators with 5G: architecturally, as it is looking to gain more control on the 5G platforms and rethink its network as a digital world rather than a structured physical model. By doing this, IBM is trying to position itself as the destination for services like augmented reality, machine learning, and AI.