OnePlus thinking to enter into...


OnePlus thinking to enter into a new project powered by blockchain

OnePlus thinking to enter into a new project powered by blockchain
The Silicon Review
01 June, 2021

Many companies like Google Pay, PayPal, and Samsung have embraced cryptocurrency and blockchain functionality in recent times. It looks like OnePlus is also planning about entering this arena soon. It is reported that the manufacturer could be eyeing several projects in this field. One theoretical possibility is that OnePlus can enter into the blockchain-based solution that allows them to verify ownership of a device before buying it.

OnePlus plans to invest big in the cryptocurrency sector to add value for bought or created NFTs (non-fungible tokens), even with the purchased second-hand phones. The firm is also aiming to focus on users' "problems or inconvenience" they've had if they've indeed invested in cryptocurrency, bought or created NFTs, and bought second-hand devices.

It certainly sounds like the manufacturer is seeking all its options before it proceeds with any blockchain-related investment and development. A cryptocurrency wallet is the most obvious plan in mind, which will allow its users to buy, sell, and hold various cryptocurrencies. With this plan, OnePlus join will join the likes of Samsung in offering this functionality. OnePlus is also aiming to use blockchain technology to make second-hand phone transactions easier.