Salesforce Raises Its Game by ...


Salesforce Raises Its Game by Reinventing New Modules for Hybrid Work

Salesforce Raises Its Game by Reinventing New Modules for Hybrid Work
The Silicon Review
23 June, 2021

Many companies in recent times plan to continue remote or hybrid work into the future, but this raises new challenges for employee learning and development. Today, employees report fewer opportunities to develop their skills in remote work. Recent research conducted by Salesforce in cites shows that 59 percent of employees say they’ve had less access to workplace learning since the pandemic.

To overcome this and to improve employees’ skills Salesforce has traditionally offered its free training programs to mixed groups of their own employees as well as their customers’ employees. As a result, people looking for work in the Salesforce “ecosystem” could make useful contacts with its customers’ workforces. Salesforce recently has established a separate “Trailhead” unit to help employee’s training progression.

The product will also allow company’s employees to see their own Salesforce training record in a software platform called myTrailhead, and will allow the companies to add their own proprietary training to that platform. Salesforce’s new platform will make potential job candidates more widely visible, and there emerges a win-win situation among Salesforce, its developers, its technology partners, and also its customers.