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Alphabet Launches Brand New ‘Moonshot’ for Robotics Software

Alphabet Launches Brand New ‘Moonshot’ for Robotics Software
The Silicon Review
26 July, 2021

Google's parent Alphabet recently has launched a new "moonshot" project to develop software for robotics, which can be used in a wide range of industries. The new unit, Intrinsic, will very soon become an independent Alphabet company to power their industrial partners to advance their work and to help them make everything from solar panels to cars. Also, Intrinsic is working to improve industrial robotics' creative and economic potential for several businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Intrinsic emerged from Alphabet X and has launched the "moonshot" project that helps self-driving car division Waymo and life sciences group Verily. Intrinsic is currently focusing on supporting a shift towards a more sustainable and equitable way of manufacturing and thereby facilitating low-cost production. The company is looking for partners in the automotive, electronics, and health care sectors who are already using industrial robotics.

Recent analysis and statistics show that currently, just 10 countries manufacture 70 percent of the world's goods. Meaning most things are made far away from their end consumers driving global transport emissions, and many countries and businesses miss out on economic opportunities. Intrinsic will overcome these challenges by making manufacturing easy and efficient.