Dish, AT&T signs new wirel...


Dish, AT&T signs new wireless network deal worth $5 Billion

Dish, AT&T signs new wireless network deal worth $5 Billion
The Silicon Review
27 July, 2021

Dish Network Corp, in a recent press meet, has stated that it has signed a multi-year deal worth $5 billion to make AT&T Inc. the primary network services partner for its wireless customers. It is a 10-year deal in which AT&T will provide voice, data, and messaging services to the customers with Dish-owned mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) Boost Mobile, Ting, and Republic Wireless.

The MVNOs do not own any networks, but they can rent capacity from established operators to sell their wireless and 5G network services to their clients and customers. Dish's retail wireless customers throughout the United States will be able to get access to voice and data roaming services on AT&T's network.

Many other telecom firms in the US are spending billions to ramp up their 5G infrastructure to provide faster wireless and data services with better coverage, as there is an increased demand due to the global pandemic-led shift to remote working and online learning. Dish has over 8.89 million retail wireless subscribers based on its last quarterly earnings report, whereas AT&T has more than 186 million mobile subscribers.