Hollands Kroon Makes Remote Wo...


Hollands Kroon Makes Remote Work Easy with Citrix® and RawWorks

Hollands Kroon Makes Remote Work Easy with Citrix® and RawWorks
The Silicon Review
12 July, 2021

Hollands Kroon, a municipality located in the Northwest Netherlands, is focusing on making remote work easy so that people can use the space and tools to think, create and explore, wherever they happen to be. With the help of technology giants like Citrix and 2021 Partner Innovation Award winner RawWorks, the Netherlands municipality plans to implement digital workspace solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. This solution will deliver a modern workplace experience to the employees and enable them to work from anywhere and perform at their best.

By using Citrix Workspace™, Hollands Kroon will make enable flexible work models for their employees. This will help employees to succeed by providing relentlessly reliable access to the work resources employees require. It will also provide contextual security to ensure all employee-related information remains safe across any device or location.

With Citrix Workspace™, Hollands Kroon will enhance collaboration and provide equitable access to share information for all teammates, regardless of where they are working. It can eliminate the friction and noise that affects employees' productivity. The new solution will organize, guide, and automate work in an intelligent and personal way. And this is exactly what the Hollands Kroon has done.