Key partnerships and top AI pr...


Key partnerships and top AI projects have helped Microsoft to breach the $2tn mark

Key partnerships and top AI projects have helped Microsoft to breach the $2tn mark
The Silicon Review
13 July, 2021

Recently, tech giant Microsoft became the second publicly traded company in the US to achieve 2 trillion market capital after Apple. The company was able to achieve this feat just two years after reaching the 1tn mark. Some of the major projects taken up by the company were responsible for this spike. Back in 2019, Microsoft had invested $1 billion in OpenAI to build AI. The main motto of the partnership was to develop new software, and hardware platform within Microsoft’s Azure targeted towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

 The tech giant also became the company’s exclusive cloud provider. OpenAI had stated in its blog that it would be partnering and working with Microsoft to extend the capabilities of Azure in large-scale AI systems. Under this partnership, Microsoft was responsible for building one of the top five supercomputers in the world. The facility has been made available for researchers working with Azure. Last September, Microsoft partnered again with OpenAI to gain an exclusive license for GPT-3. The tech giant was keen on gaining exclusivity because the new solution will help the company expand its AI platform to create new services and products. Microsoft's key partnership only helped it achieve the incredible feat to become a 2tn company.