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Australia’s Remedy Drinks Launches New Zero-Sugar Kombucha to the Market

Australia’s Remedy Drinks Launches New Zero-Sugar Kombucha to the Market
The Silicon Review
12 July, 2021

Number one selling brand in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK and the fourth largest kombucha company in the world producing over 90 million cans per year, Remedy Drinks in a recent announcement, have stated that it is planning to replicate its success in the US market by bringing zero-sugar, shelf-stable kombucha to the US market. The company aims to launch a healthier and fizzy alternative to carbonated drinks that are full of flavor.

The brand is ready for the US market, as kombucha has taken a giant leap from conventional market to mainstream natural channel. The kombucha and fermented beverages market is gaining huge popularity and is growing bigger every year. Remedy Drinks has observed this change and is trying to bring unique flavors and shelf-stable products to the US food and beverages sector.

The company makes it easier for consumers to enjoy something unique, healthy, full-flavored, and convenient to carry a drink. Remedy drinks are also launching direct-to-consumer on Amazon, and the product will be shipped nationwide. In addition, the zero-sugar canned kombucha comes in four different flavors- Peach Kombucha, ginger lemon kombucha, mixed berry kombucha, and raspberry lemonade kombucha.