TiMi Studios to launch the new...


TiMi Studios to launch the new Contra Returns on mobile

TiMi Studios to launch the new Contra Returns on mobile
The Silicon Review
02 July, 2021

TiMi Studios Group in a recent press meet has announced that it will be launching Contra Returns this summer on mobile. The official “preregistration” for the game will begin today for the run-‘n’-gun action game on iOS and Android devices. TiMi is studios behind big games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, which has been downloaded over 500 million times. TiMi has promised to bring a fresh twist to the iconic retro game with enhanced HD upgrades.

Contra is a property of Konami, which focuses primarily focus on free-to-play mobile and panchiko games with console brands. The game will have new characters, storylines, and customizable weapons that unlock skills. Contra Returns will have over 200 levels and it will also have five new game modes (such as One Life Mode, 1v1, and 3v3 modes), player, and equipment upgrades along with customization, and more.

The game will be launched on Android Mobile first, after which it will be launched on iOS. The gamers can see the new Contra Returns with some updates in its art design and graphical details, but overall it will stick closely to the original style and fun. As always it will offer players a challenge to develop and execute complicated battles with great skill.