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Drought Forces Colorado River ...


Drought Forces Colorado River Water Cutback to the Southwest States

Drought Forces Colorado River Water Cutback to the Southwest States
The Silicon Review
18 August, 2021

The scientists and researchers recently have declared the water shortage for the first time ever in the Colorado River which serves as an arterial waterway for over 40 million people in the west region of America. The water levels at the largest reservoir have fallen record low. Water basins that connect with the river primarily supply basic household water for agriculture purpose, for irrigation for farms, and also provide hydropower to regions like Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Mexico.

However the farmers have various other diversified water sources which has helped them to reduce the risk of upcoming water cuts. But still the acute water challenges for a region facing a growing population drought will definitely be a nightmare for farmers as there will drastic change in the temperature in the coming years. Scientists also identified that due to drastic changes in melting snow in the spring could be one of the many reasons for sudden drop in the amount of water flowing from the mountains, where the Colorado River originates before.

Keeping this in mind, United Nations has released a landmark climate report which shows the rising index of global temperatures which is rapidly increasing than ever before. Scientists have stated that they will be addressing these climate changes by utilizing the best available technology and science, and they will continue to work across the landscapes and communities that primarily rely on the Colorado River.