Amazon's Jeff Bezos to Launch a Commercial Space Station

Amazon's Jeff Bezos to Launch a Commercial Space Station
The Siliconreview
27 October, 2021

Blue Origin to launch a commercial space station named Orbital Reef, by the end of the decade

Blue Origin, a space tourism company, owned by business tycoon founder Jeff Bezos now all set to launch a brand new commercial space station. He has stated that this space business park will be named "Orbital Reef" by the end of the decade, and it will be a "mixed-use business park" in space and will have a capacity to host up to 10 people.

Blue Origin will partner with Sierra Space and Boeing to build the primary outpost. The commercial space station will be about 32,000 square feet and will provide customers with fascinating locations for film-making in microgravity and conduct revolutionary research. It will also include a space hotel. Reports suggest that Mr. Bezos is spending a humungous sum to $1bn (£726m) a year on Blue Origin-related projects.

Blue Origin also has stated that many seasoned space agencies, advanced consortia, sovereign nations which do not have any space programs, media and travel companies, business entrepreneurs, sponsored inventors, researchers, and future-minded investors will get an opportunity to be on Orbital Reef.