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Everything You Should Know About Converting CR2 Files To JPG

Everything You Should Know About Converting CR2 Files To JPG
The Silicon Review
08 October, 2021

Are you an amateur photographer? You might be thinking about the need for converting CR2 files into JPG files. This article will make you understand the reason behind this conversion. This article will provide you with comprehensive guidance about CR2 to JPG conversion.

Difference Between CR2 And JPG

CR2 file is the original format of an image shot on a Canon camera. It stands for Canon Raw. The image file format is of a large size. The resolution of a CR2 image file is very high. It contains every detail of the photograph.

JPG is one of the most well-known formats of an image file. Do not get confused between a JPG and a JPEG file, as they are the same. The popular file type is very convenient and accessible. The JPG format is used to share or download a large number of photos.

How To Convert?

A CR2 image file cannot be converted into a JPG format manually. You can do the conversion using various software systems. It can be done online as well and is best for people with limited hard drive storage. You will need to upload the original file and download the converted file. Therefore, it is recommended to have a fast internet connection when converting a CR2 file to a JPG file. It is important to choose a browser-based converter with an easy interface and fast speed.

The conversion can also be done by installing conversion software. If you have enough hard drive space, you can use this method. It will help you in converting a lot of files together. People with slow internet access can also opt for this method of conversion. It will not require you to upload the large CR2 file.

Why Convert A CR2 File?

You must be wondering what the point of converting a CR2 file is. It has such a good resolution which might get ruined during the conversion. However, a CR2 image is converted into JPG to edit it. It is not possible to edit a CR2 file without converting it into JPG. The large size of a CR2 file is also terrible from the perspective of editing.

The JPG format is the most commonly chosen format for converting a CR2 file. The appealing format ensures that the image can be edited using various editing programs. The JPG format becomes convenient because of its manageable size. If you have to share hundreds of CR2 files, it will take a lot of time. Therefore, it becomes problematic for all parties. However, transferring a JPG can be done in seconds due to its small size.

Ending Note

You must remember that once you convert a CR2 file, it is not possible to reverse it to the original format. Therefore, you should keep an original copy to be safe. Moreover, you should choose a converter that does not ruin the quality of the photograph. Otherwise, converting a CR2 file to JPG is quite easy.