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Innorbis: Creating the Legacy ...


Innorbis: Creating the Legacy for the Future

Innorbis: Creating the Legacy for the Future
The Silicon Review
01 October, 2021

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“We unify and guide all stakeholders in common metrics systems showing them new factors to be taken into account, new dimensions of opportunities, new evaluation beyond the financials, new growth and who the heroes and future market winners are.”

A world in transition toward a sustainable economy leads to continuous change in behavior of people and companies. This change goes more rapidly now the sense of urgency is growing faster. Measuring the behavior and the outcomes of these evolving activities is by definition not static. Measuring these changes in behavior and the direction agents are heading to, require a new ‘common’ metrics system - Innorbis.

A common metrics system that is based not only on the reporting information of companies, but also the bread crumbs and impact that companies and people leave behind while acting in society. Companies while providing and producing, government and institutions regulating and people consuming these products and services. It takes into account how actors take care of the environment, contribute to the social goals and act responsible and respectful within society.

This means that metrics systems need to handle terabits of financial and non-financial data. Innorbis launched in 2018 a system that calibrates this data to predict the sustainable performance of companies and with that the performance of investments and capital in flow. The engine use learning algorithms that continuously calibrate the outcomes to enhance the predictability of behaviour and action of companies, cities and countries towards society.

This enable investors not only to lower the risk in their portfolio, but also convert opportunities into returns. It enables the acceleration of a more manageable transition. The use of a quant system to transform qualitative and quantitative data is necessary, but is a mean not the goal itself. Innorbis sophisticated analytics, concepts, reports and advice is set for intelligent decision and can contribute optimal for a better world. The company also offers consultancy and programs, so companies, cities and investors understand where they need to prioritise to enter the new era of regeneration and restoration while preserving nature.

We recently interviewed Angelica Lips da Cruz, the visionary Founder and CEO of Innorbis AB, to know more about the company’s innovation and expertise.

Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Q. Does your data analysis tool empower users to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualize data from any combination of sources?

Yes, our data analysis tool at Innorbis does all these and much more. The tool is in constant development. The system is in continuous development. We must remember that data once collected is a snapshot of an observed moment, and not a permanent conclusion. Data is correlated, and our system and analysis is set to better serve decisions based on unbiased multidimensional information.

We apply research with advanced technology. We digitalize the expertise in measures, meaning users do not need to make up their minds around what is sustainability; rather they can focus on where the opportunities are for them to improve given their goals.

Internally in financial circles or the corporate world, there is a need to get the company culture onboard. We help to adress it at core business, mitigate the issue of silos, with programs and implementations, with digital and quants systems at their fingertips for their convenience.

We empower users and partners to drive and make better informed decisions out of what is measured and to where they want to go. Visualization is key for understanding and for everyone to combine their knowledge and goals with the collective mission. We integrate all aspects that impact society and the planet in an equal and balanced way - good or bad all requires to be looked at so we can see where we are, within each area, along the blueprint, the pathway towards lasting and sustainable solutions.

We unify and guide all stakeholders in common metrics systems showing them factors to be taken into account, new dimensions of opportunities, new evaluation beyond the financials, new growth and who the heroes and future market winners are. Our predictability so far has been quite impressive.

Q. It’s hard to remain objective when huge amounts of capital are at stake, especially in volatile conditions. How does data analytics help in making objective decisions?

You need to look at the measured indicators in a broader perspective in order to be able to see the bigger picture and the impact your business has on the society and the environment. So in this sense, data analytics can assist in many important decisions – how to prioritize and allocate resources. Here, at Innorbis, integrity is core to our mission and very objective.

Innorbis analytics are based on a methodology that uses conformity assessment, fair comparison and quality assured metrics – a science based mathematical method that ensures objective investment decisions. What we are not: a black box, a rating in one point in time using filters of numeric data only such as carbon emission, or using weighted accounting methods. These are silos businesses, and they do not “wash and clean” for better understanding of where the capital is working at and invested on for a sustainable society in evolution.

We, at Innorbis, besides our unique methodology, believe in the golden criteria such as in the quality assurance of measurement for monitoring of the commons. Besides this, we hold very long expertise in Financial, Environmental, Social and Governance analytics, which includes social sustainability, diversity, social inclusion, behavioural values, mental health, stable rules of the game and financial stability without destructive focus on only monetary systems. In the end, it is all co-related, nature wins, we win. Footprint neutrality and financial stability distributed to all stakeholders.

Q. There are other reputed companies in the market, how are you a better service provider?


Lets bring an analogy: “to be able to help the elephant in the room, we need to be able to see the whole elephant, not only its tail”. The capability to visualise the overall picture, the big picture and the entanglement between the parts and how each impact each other is what makes Innorbis unique.

Traditional accounting methods are no longer viable in a new holistic financial assessment mechanism, with many companies using one source and out of date data. Instead, we believe that it is necessary to encompass a wide range of real time sources from different stakeholders to truly ensure that we analyse the complexity in a simple score and accelerate the market to a brighter future. Therefore, Innorbis uses a unique data analysis categorisation and cutting-edge advanced technology to accelerate towards sustainable business. Through empowering analysis intelligence, it is possible to visualize the integral future-resilience of investments, business priorities and financial instruments (also in credit facilitation) and asset management, portfolios and even support regulations to have more clarity towards what is measured and reported. Our method is by default forward looking, predicting future scores that indicate the extent to which these priorities and investments are aligned with societal goals and help identify societal leverage points for acceleration and transition risk mitigation.

We believe that the traditional way to measure sustainability, such as the system that is currently used for ESG information from large players, is outdated, with the insistence on primarily analysis of Carbon Dioxide emissions in tons and rating statistics, as it ignores the fact that there is no guarantee that it will reduce the temperature on Earth or increase clean drinking water for all the planet’s living inhabitants. Instead, it is also important to consider other factors such as forest and savannah conditions globally, along with soil quality, which also plays an important factor in reducing the temperature on Earth. Moreover, society and governance, the often overlooked parts of ESG, are extremely important and very correlated with these environmental aspects, such as who owns the land and what are their accountable incentives for restoration and societal value added priorities. The big “G” that is key.

Q. Experts predict that failure of trusted algorithms is bound to happen. How can you make your solution foolproof?

It must be noted that no algorithm is foolproof and to believe that there is no failure possible to your algorithm would be naive. However, to limit the possibility of failure, we use the most up-to-date information available and our systems are constantly evolving, based on a very robust advanced mathematical method, alongside with criteria and sufficient unbiased data from different sources and stakeholders.

The key is to ensure trustworthy and unbiased information, transformed data processing into common and decentralised measurement units, in a transparent system, traceable and quality assured, that cannot be manipulated to output “expected results.” That is Innorbis.

The system will provide the most amazing predictions if fed with good parameters like soil quality and green water quality. There are good parameters to distinguish a healthy and a bio-diverse well-preserved region.

Technology enables us to measure raw data and assess information in many different data assemblies, independently from the single data provider. Best in a decentralised system where everyone contributes.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

With the global market evolving, the challenges presented in all areas, social and environmental, especially during the last eighteen months – grew. This has demanded for a solid system shift. We are here to serve and shape committed to design and create a new world and a new economy together with partners, clients, individuals. Many exciting updates to come.

We are here to contribute and co-create a new and authentic legacy, worthy of the ambition of the generation of the twenty-first century, a generation that is unified in a systematic evolution, without doubts about what needs to be done, gathered in common goals. A legacy in a digital era and in the fourth industrial revolution, not forgetting our human social aspect and the planetary natural presence itself. Better than yesterday, step by step.

“Here, at Innorbis, integrity is core to our mission and very objective.”