Small Robots Substitute Mainst...


Small Robots Substitute Mainstream Human Employees at Nissan's ‘Intelligent Factory’

Small Robots Substitute Mainstream Human Employees at Nissan's ‘Intelligent Factory’
The Silicon Review
11 October, 2021

Nissan Motor Company's ‘intelligent factory’ robots primarily carry out work including welding and mounting

In recent times, many factories and industries are getting more automated, and the same goes with Nissan Motor Company's 'intelligent factory'. Its Tochigi plant has small robots that primarily carry out work, including welding and mounting. The robots also can do paint jobs and inspect their work at the Nissan factory.

The factory's assembly line is perfectly designed to produce three different models: electric, e-Power, which includes both a motor and engine manufacturing unit. A regular combustion engine powers the units. All these models can be built easily on the same line. And each Nissan vehicle is fortified with the right powertrain as it moves along the line.

Many automakers have recently worked on robotic technology to improve and increase adaptability, especially assembly lines. This will enable the companies to respond quickly to market needs. Nissan's manufacturing has replaced humans with robots in order to adapt to labor shortages, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will further be testing this new technology in its other global plants, including French alliance partner Renault's factories.