Intel Officially Launches the ...


Intel Officially Launches the New 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs for Gaming

Intel Officially Launches the New 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs for Gaming
The Silicon Review
05 November, 2021

Intel unveils the "world's best gaming processor", which is code-named Alder Lake

Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, has officially launched the brand new 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs, code-named Alder Lake. It is considered the "world's best gaming processor" as Intel promises huge improvement and leaps in gaming performance, multitasking ability, and efficiency as it is built with the new hybrid design.

Intel has stated that the new CPUs will incorporate both Performance-cores and Efficient-cores (P-cores and E-cores) to manage the workloads. It also boosts the performance for high-demand tasks like gaming. The new design is based on Intel 7 architecture, and it will feature higher clock speeds with improved clock speed. It will also support state-of-the-art standards like DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5.

The introduction of a brand new hybrid design is considered the most prominent development of 12th Gen Intel Core processors. It offers the fastest CPU speeds Intel has ever made, while the leading-edge Efficiency-cores will improve multitasking and scalability. Subsequently, Intel assures huge boosts to multitasking, and it is the best news for gamers who want to stream and record gameplay.